I am a licensed and practicing Massage Therapist since 1992I attained certification from the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy and Allied Health Sciences in New York City, in 1992. Certified in the Science, Art, and Heart of Reflexology and am a candidate for Certification in the St. John's method of Neuromuscular Therapy.  

I am currently studying Zero Balancing,  DSL EdgeWork™ and have completed  yoga teacher training programs with Rama Jyoti Vernon (200 plus hours), founder of the International Yoga College and Yoga Journal, and  Nateshvar (30 hours), the developer of Contact Yoga.

During more than 15 years in practice, I have synthesized an integrative technique which effectively promotes relaxation, decompresses the core lock down mechanism of the body, relieves chronic and acute pain from postural distortions and injuries, enhances lifestyle awareness, initiates cleansing, and facilitates transformation while activating  and supporting the healing process that already exists within. .. a uniquely integrated approach in which the art of inner body awareness including yogic principles, powerfully blends with the science of biomechanics.

The latest body of work that I integrate into my sessions is Holodynamics, which uses Quantum Physics principles to aid in the unfoldment of each client’s fullest potential in their life, while experiencing core transformation.  I am a Certified Holodynamic Consultant and am in the Masters Program of the International Academy of Holodynamics, directed by Behavioral Psychologist and Quantum Physicist, Dr. V. Vernon Woolf.

While living and practicing in NYC,  my clientele consisted of  marathon runners, long distance cyclists, triathletes, professional athletes and musicians, brides and grooms, the elderly, health club members, and people wanting nurturing, relief, and relaxation.

I was exposed to a Raw/LifeFood way of life in late '98 and have been predominantly eating and living this way since August of '99. After being vegan for 2 years I lost both parents to Cancer and Leukemia.  It was obvious that something radically different needed to be done to improve and expand the quality of my own life.  I then relocated to Sedona, Arizona, and was instrumental in building the Raw and Living food community here.  I launched Full Spectrum Living Events to act as a support system for helping to bring speakers, chefs, and teachers of the movement to Northern Arizona, as well as networking them with other communities throughout the state.  I have been on the steering committee of the Raw Spirit Festival here in Sedona since its inception 3 years ago.  Another way I assist people in taking back control of their health and regaining balance is through guiding them on a 14 day Nutritional Fast, created by David and Annie Jubb, two of my most influential mentors.

I invest a lot of time educating myself and creating awareness in others about the terrible and extremely harmful side effects of the toxic chemicals, and other toxic ingredients that are rampant in many of our lives.  I've spent many hours studying with world renowned advocate and formulator Linda Chae.   In holistically serving humanity, I think outside the box, and investigate and explore cutting edge technologies, teachings and modalities to serve my clients in the best and most effective and efficient way possible.

An extensive knowledge of anatomy, bodywork,  yoga therapy, and holistic health bring clarity and ease to my sessions, providing my clients with a safe space. It is my joy to share my energy and enthusiasm for life through my work, encouraging each person to express themselves authentically and to be able to unfold their fullest potential.

E Mail me at:  SharonS@shanaleemassagetherapy.com